Staring directly at the sun

The tag line for our film read; ’1 Boy, 1 Mum, 11 seconds of film footage every day for one year’. What could be so hard about that? In many ways understanding what we had made with this film would depend on what it would feel like once audience was invited to view it and […]

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Unanswered Questions

  Me: What has been the best thing about us making our film together? Isaac: ……What? Me: How does it feel to be eleven? Isaac: I don’t know Me: What happens on a good day? Isaac: Lots of different things Me: What happens on a bad day? Isaac: Lots of different things And so on… […]

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Will I carry this with me?

    This is a quote I love. Have always loved.   I ask of each performance: will I carry this event with me tomorrow? Will haunt me? Will it change you, will it change me, will it change things? If not, it was a waste of time.. -Tim Etchells, Certain Fragments   I am […]

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Men and Boys

Tashi and I spent the whole morning before rehearsal this morning talking about the men and boys in our lives and about the ideas and questions we have about masculinity. There is no getting away from it – it is a theme right at the heart of OLD BOY as a piece of work which […]

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OLD BOY – Beginning a new show

  We have just started the process of making our brand new show; OLD BOY. A piece of theatre exploring male relationships across generations and ideas of legacy and connection in Scottish men. It’s an idea we’ve had for ages. Right back since after we first made Hand Me Down in 2010 and worked with a family […]

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Mutual Curiosity: A look at participatory practice in Scotland

Scotland’s cultural sector has an excellent reputation for its participatory practice – artists and people working creatively together in communities, education contexts and other areas of public life such as social care and justice. This film gives a voice to artists and participants and highlights the processes involved in their projects. Mutual Curiosity: a look […]

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Today is opening for the @RoundhouseLDN and The Happiness Project @Summerhallery!

The Happiness Project @roundhouse
opens @edfringe 1 week today! Here is a taster. Get tickets from @Summerhallery!

We are so excited to share with you the culmination of The Happiness Project. Coming to Summerhall for the last week of the Fringe and then 2 weeks at the Roundhouse in November!

Mega excited for the happiness project sharing today, candid warm up shot of the company @RoundhouseLDN