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In my previous blogpost I spoke about how A Way of Passing Time became a way of responding to an unforeseen global crisis that meant we have had to reimagine what Polmont Youth Theatre is – and can be. I explained how this letter writing project proved that this is possible, that connection and a sense of community can be built through writing. I reflected on how this reminded me of the importance of being a responsive practitioner, continuously reflecting on and adapting what it is that I do.

I am incredibly excited to announce that alongside our letter writing project A Way of Passing Time, we are launching a new project in Polmont this week! In Tune is a weekly radio show that will have the potential to engage with all the young people in Polmont – which has up until this point been impossible because of the limitations of space, time and resources. It is maybe a cliché to talk about thinking outside the box – but our reimagining of what the engagement could be at this moment in time has really allowed us to do exactly that, to discover new ways of making and connecting with more people than ever. In Tune is a programme made specifically for the young people in Polmont and focuses on creating a variety of engaging content. The young people are at the heart of this new project – where their engagement and involvement with the programme predicts what we play, who we speak to and what we talk about. The first episode launches this week, focusing on the theme of Journeys – playing music requested by members of Polmont Youth Theatre, engaging the listeners in a creative mapping task, an interactive quiz and a special interview with our patron Gary Lewis.

What is particularly exciting about this project is how it allows us to do connect with so many young people in a way we have never been able to do before – and perhaps would never have thought of doing, had it not been for this unprecedented moment in time. This has made me reflect and consider what else can be re-imagined and how my ability to respond as a practitioner holds so much more weight, is somehow much more immediate and obvious.

My hope is that in a few months’ time, when we are back in a space together – having re-imagined a new way of shaking hands– we will return to sharing ideas, opinions and conversations. We will make together again and have a laugh, but we will also have a new felt understanding of what it is that we do, what it is that we can do and the importance of the community we have built in Polmont Youth Theatre.

Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir

Lead Artist Polmont Youth Theatre

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