I Hope My Heart Goes First (2010/11) was a show that interrogated matters of the heart from the perspective of the young people.  First platformed at the Tramway in 2009 it was then presented at IETM Glasgow, My Time Festival at Battersea Arts Centre and supported by Creative Scotland to be presented as part of Made in Scotland 2011 at the Edinburgh Festival where it won a Herald Angel Award and became a Fringe sell out show

During this process the company were fascinated with interrogating what real love was. What it felt like to be in love, how you find love, how it feels to have your heart broken and how many different types of love there might be. In an attempt to understand it they made material from live music, real life experiences, relationship websites, love songs, romantic films, the actual heart of a sheep and Justin Timberlake.

The concept from this show came from a task set to the youngest member of the group, he had to write a list of everything in the world that he loved.  Adam Low came back the following week with a giant roll of paper on to witch he had written everything that he loved.  The paper was covered in things from his Dad’s chicken curry to Power rangers and his brother Nathen. It was decided that the show would take the time it took for Adam to write all these things on to the black back wall of the theatre in white chalk.  This then provided the framing with in which the rest of the action happened.