How do we affect the land on which we live?
What can we do to make our own mark?
We are all here – at this time. Here. Now

A six month residency in Lochgilphead High School in response to Half Life a production by NVA. HERE was a site specific project involving 125 school students.

We thought about what it meant to be local in a place that was popular with tourists for its history and heritage. We created a map of the area with large red dots marking a place that was personally significant to each of the young people on the project. We then created large versions of the dots and placed them around the landscape with text on them which explained why the place was so special. Tourists were then encouraged to use the map to go on an alternative route – a route made up of individual memories and personal histories of the area, the things you would never ordinarily know.

HERE culminated in a large scale performance piece in the grounds of the High School that was about to be demolished. It was a way of marking a moment in history that involved those people in that time.


Devised and Directed by Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore
Designed by Rachel O’Neill and James Leadbitter
Music by Brian James
Associate Artists: Gary McNair and Molly Taylor
Technical by National Theatre of Scotland
Produced by National Theatre of Scotland

A National Theatre of Scotland Commission