This piece explores change in its many forms – personal, political and historical.

From the moments that have changed us to the changes we want to make. What does it mean to take a stance for what you believe in?


Devised and Performed by members of Polmont Youth Theatre
Devised and Directed by Rosie Reid and Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir
Young Associate: Sean Fullwood

Produced by Glass Performance and Barnardo’s

Notes on the Process

“When I first joined Polmont Youth Theatre I wasn’t as confident as I am today, which was the main reason I joined. The first session was slightly awkward but I eventually got the hang of it and enjoyed it so much I came back the next week. When I did the scratch I felt surprisingly confident and eager to continue to make the show better. This was the first time I performed so in the first moments I felt uneasy and worried about the what the audience were going to think of me but as it went on I let it take over and really enjoyed myself.

For me, this show is about change and how it can make you better, just like how I decided to join and gained confidence. When we made the show we kind of just made it as the weeks went on and took advice from each other and the audience who came to see the scratch. The group have all supported each other and every time someone feels daft about doing something we all make sure they leave confident at the end of the day. I would like you to think highly of us for taking part, for performing and doing what is out of our comfort zones.”

– (PYT Member)



Video: Sandy Butler
Photo: Jassy Earl
Show Image: Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir