Eleven is a short film that documents a year in the life of a boy called Isaac and his mum.

The boy is called Isaac and turned 11 in 2018, the Year of Young People in Scotland. Isaac is one of many young people living in Scotland that is described as having complex needs. Philippa is Isaac’s Mum as well as being a performance-maker living in Glasgow.

For one year Isaac and Philippa filmed 11 seconds of footage every day to document their day to day experiences together. They used Isaac’s iPad (which he loves) to do this and tried to be honest about their highs, lows, joys and challenges each day.

Eleven is the weaving together of these stories in a film that provides a unique perspective from the family of a child with complex needs; offering a valuable insight into the beauty, pain and reality of their world as they experience it together.

In 2019, Eleven was presented as part of Out of Sight Out of Mind Out at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival (SMHAF).


Eleven was created and devised by Philippa Clark and Isaac Clark O’Malley in collaboration with film-maker, Geraldine Heaney.

Available for Touring

Eleven is available for film screenings.

If you would like to book a screening of Eleven please e-mail glass@glassperformance.co.uk