Elegant Variation (2006) was a show that looked at similarities and differences. This work was first  toured to Imaginate’s WYSIWYG Festival (Imaginate) and Promote YT’s National Festival of Youth Theatre.

This first original piece of performance work by Junction 25 this process began as a response to ‘What Makes You and I Different’ an exhibition at Tramway in Spring 2006. It started an exploration into how the company might use performance to explore their place in the world; they wanted to tell the audience something about what it means to be a young person in 2006.

The show was performed by seven young women and was a collection of moments that introduced them to the audience both as a group and as an individual. The piece was presented on a bed of real turf, the vibrancy and smell of the green grass framed the show as the adolescent performers almost looked like children playing in a garden.  This was undercut by a large screen onto which facts about each performer were projected.