Bit of Bite (2016) was a performance that explored Politics, protest and using your voice as a young person in 2016. First presented in Tramway Four on the eve of the Brexit referendum it was then re-staged at Platform in Glasgow and in London at the Home Grown festival at Battersea Arts Centre in Spring 2017.

Passion (noun): a strong and barely controllable emotion.

You say that I don’t get it. That I’m too young, too naïve, too innocent to feel strongly about anything important. That I’m too inexperienced to know what it means and why it matters. You think I don’t really know what to shout about or what to fight for.

You are wrong.

Through the process of making this performance the group looked at the role of young people in contemporary Politics, exploring their relationship to and understanding of Politics and looking at the power and responsibility that comes with finding your voice and using it.

A Bit of Bite was staged in traverse with the performers sitting amongst the audience this directly referenced how politicians sit when debating in the House of Commons. The performers were dressed in adult suits, shirts & ties, which looked oversized and drowned them. The space was designed to suggest elements of a Television Studio with lecterns made from scaffolding bars and two giant screens at either end of the space.