GLIMMER: Christmas Show…

the show’s handling of themes of sibling love and rivalry is so open, so direct, so musically inventive and so heart-searchingly honest, that every adult or child in the audience finally seems enthralled by it

The Scotsman

Are you feeling it yet?

It is the end of another year; the days are getting shorter, the nights darker and Megan is feeling the cold. And yet just when she feels like she has forgotten how to feel joyful everything is about to change

GLIMMER is a dynamic, feel-good show for all the family about the journey of one human being to find light in the darkest of winters and the real meaning of warmth even when it’s cold outside.



4 Stars – The Herald

4 Stars – The Scotsman


Programme Notes:

This is the first Christmas show Glas(s) Performance has ever made and we have found the process meaningful for a number of reasons. It led us to consider what really feels important at this time of year and some of the challenges and questions that come with the season.

In recent years it can seem the the adverts for the latest ‘must have’ gifts start earlier and earlier each year and the shops are packed with people from the beginning of October. We are continuously told about the ‘things’ that will make us happy and how much they cost. We are offered images of what it looks like when it’s ‘perfect’ or ‘magical’ – complete with all the trimmings.

We also recognise that Christmas is not always an easy time for everyone – for some people the winter is dark and cold and it can be difficult to find the ‘joy’ that the season seems to require.

And so at the end of this year we wanted to remind ourselves of what it is that feels the most important. Of the things of value that are not for sale – the small things that are really the big things…

GLIMMER features sisters Rosie and Megan Reid but essentially it about families at Christmas whether it be the one you are born into or the one you create for yourself.

 Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore

Directors, Glas(s) Performance

Creative Team:

Devised and performed by: Megan Reid and Rosie Reid
Devised and directed by: Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore
Designer: Rachel O’Neill
Lighting Designer: Kate Bonney
Sound Designer: Harry Wilson
Producer: Viviane Hullin
Production Manager: Avalon Hernandez
Creative Learning: Aby Watson and Chris Hall
Assistant Director: Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir

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