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    "so open, so direct, so musically inventive and so heart-searchingly honest, that every adult or child in the audience finally seems enthralled by it"

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Unanswered Questions

  Me: What has been the best thing about us making our film together? Isaac: ……What? Me: How does it […]

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Bad News - Blog Post 2 on 'Eleven' by Philippa Clark

It has been a privilege to spend some time with my child and to make something together that we will […]

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The Perfect Storm - A Reflection from Philippa Clark on beginning 'Eleven'

As I write this on an early autumn afternoon it is almost exactly a year ago that I began, with […]

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Will I carry this with me?

    This is a quote I love. Have always loved.   I ask of each performance: will I carry […]

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