The Happiness Project

Roundhouse in association with Glas(s) Performance

Tuesday 3 – Saturday 14 November / Roundhouse, London
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For the last two years we have been working on The Happiness Project; bringing together a company of 12 young artists and 6 scientists to create and perform a new performance exploring our understanding of happiness and well-being and its relationship to young people in UK.

Following a sneak preview at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015, this new work will have a two week run at the Roundhouse, London in November 2015.

Edinburgh Audiences Love The Happiness Project

Read the Responses from the audience in Edinburgh

The Happiness Project is directed by Emma Higham and Tashi Gore (Glas(s) Performance) with dramaturgy by Jess Thorpe and support from Viviane Hullin.


Joyce MacMillan

The Scotsman / on GLIMMER!

the show’s handling of themes of sibling love and rivalry is so open, so direct, so musically inventive and so heart-searchingly honest, that every adult or child in the audience finally seems enthralled by it

Mary Brennan

The Herald / on Albert Drive

All of Albert Drive, it seemed, had turned out in force, making events at Tramway feel like a beezer come-all-ye family affair. A marker, surely, of how effective this whole project about the neighbourhood – initiated and sustained by Glas(s) Performance – continues to be.

Mark Fisher

The Scotsman / on Hand Me Down

… this collage of everyday experience is tremendously nourishing, heart-warming and affecting. Like life itself, you want it to go on for ever.

Mary Brennan

The Herald / on One All

The young spoke of what was good - and lacking - on their home turf. The older generations did the same, but with the poignancy of having known a Barrhead that no longer exists. "This," said John Joe Reilly, gesturing to the pitch and invoking a long-ago childhood, "was our field of dreams." On Wednesday, Barrhead proved itself a winner...

Joyce McMillan

The Scotsman / on Chip

Chip is a fabulously life-affirming and beautifully-structured show featuring Jess and her Dad, about what we inherit, what we reject, the nature of parenthood, and perhaps the nature of goodness, transmitted from generation to generation.

Joyce McMillan

The Scotsman / on Life Long

...their show represents a powerful tribute to the rock-solid bonds of affection and convention that have held them together. And it raises sharp questions about what happens to our ageing selves now, in a time when partnerships are so much more fragile; and all our shared memories vulnerable to challenge, by those who no longer want any part of them.


What We Are Up To

Today is opening for the @RoundhouseLDN and The Happiness Project @Summerhallery!
August 27, 2015
The Happiness Project @roundhouse opens @edfringe 1 week today! Here is a taster. Get tickets from @Summerhallery!
August 19, 2015
Happiness project spotted in the @Summerhallery programme! @RoundhouseLDN ‪#‎edfringe‬
August 17, 2015
We are so excited to share with you the culmination of The Happiness Project. Coming to Summerhall for the last week of the Fringe and then 2 weeks at the Roundhouse in November!
July 29, 2015