Glas(s) Performance was founded by Jess Thorpe and Tashi Gore in 2004 and is currently based in Glasgow.

We deliver a socially engaged performance practice that collaborates with real people in the place of fictional characters to tell stories that resonate with audiences of all ages and experience.

We aim to produce this type of autobiographical performance work in Scotland and in doing so create a national platform for Scottish communities and individuals to tell their stories and share their histories in a professional and valued context.

As a company we also produce Junction 25, a collective of young performers based at the Tramway (see below in the Projects Section of this site).



Since their inception in 2004 Glas(s) Performance has produced over 30 pieces of performance with individuals and communities across Scotland and internationally. We have made performances and co-produced projects on small and large scales with organisations such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, the National Theatre of Scotland, the Tramway, NVA, Battersea Arts Centre, the Core@Corby, the Roundhouse and the Rogaland Teater in Norway.

In recent years notable productions for Glas(s) Performance include Glimmer, The Happiness Project, Chip, Life Long, Hand Me Down, the large scale multi-disciplinary arts project Albert Drive and the most recent production in Norweigian; SPOTLIGHT.

 Glimmer: ★★★★ The Herald, ★★★★  The Scotsman

 The Happiness Project:  ★★★★ The Stage, ★★★  The Guardian

Albert Drive: ★★★★ The Herald, ★★★★  The Scotsman

Chip: ★★★★ The Herald, ★★★★  The Scotsman

Life Long:★★★★★ The Herald, ★★★★  The Scotsman

Hand Me Down: ★★★★ The Herald, ★★★★★  The Scotsman