“Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it” // Rudyard Kipling

Old enough to vote, old enough to drive, old enough to order a pint, to have sex, to work, to get married, to wear a uniform and fight. You are legal.

Congratulations, you are an adult.

So what will you do next?

This is an autobiographical performance where four young adults aged 18 reflect on their position in the world in 2011. It explores their ideals, their aspirations and their hopes and examines the choices open to them as they come of age. What does the world look like from where they are standing? What will they inherit? Against a back-drop of cuts to higher education and a failing job market Generation looks at the notion of ‘future’ through the eyes of the young.

Tramway 1

Wednesday 15th – Sat 18th June 2011