The Happiness Project

26th – 30th August / 11.30am / Summerhall, Edinburgh

3rd – 14th November / 7.30pm / Roundhouse, London


Are we looking for happiness in all the wrong places?

Between 2013 and 2015 we worked with the Roundhouse in London on The Happiness Project. This work was the result of the bringing together a company of 12 young artists and 6 scientists to create and perform a new performance exploring our understanding of happiness and well-being and its relationship to young people in UK.


What is it?                        

How does it work?

Where can I find some?

What should I expect from it?

Am I supposed to have it?

Can I live on it?

Is it good for me?

What do I do with it?

Is it something I’m allowed to keep?


Devised in response to reports that raised concerns over young people’s well-being in the UK, The Happiness Project was an intergenerational piece of personal and moving contemporary theatre that journeys through autobiographical stories set to a musical landscape to explore the human condition.

The Happiness Project was directed by Emma Higham and Tashi Gore (Glas(s) Performance) with dramaturgy by Jess Thorpe and support from Viviane Hullin.

Through working closely with a group of academics and young people, this production aimed to discover a place where scientific research and personal, real life experience meet.

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The Happiness Project was produced by Roundhouse and supported by the Wellcome Trust

Production Shots:

Photo Credit: Jason Sain